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Sally's Socks

Have a look at our waterproof socks - 3 options. We import these because they are great for rowing - but it turns out they are also great for lots of NZ activities. Liz loves them for tramping (4 days of rain, no changes, no blisters!), Lindsay wears them on the mountainbike, Wendy is a professional lawnmower and loves them, Rik wears his hunting. They even work well as slippers, ideal when you're travelling. They don't fall down inside your gumboots, and yes, they're great for rowing.

All these socks are in stock in our Nelson warehouse. Order by emailing us, and we'll get your parcel away to you as soon as possible.

All socks come in Small, Medium, Large and XL. All of them have their size woven into them, just inside the top of the cuff, so you can keep them straight amongst all the sock wearers of the family.

SMALL:  EU 36-38

MEDIUM: EU 39-42

LARGE:  EU 43-46

X-LARGE:  EU 47-49


The ankle sock

$50 +GST +P&P

These are a bit on the colourful side, but you won't get them mixed up with all the black socks in your drawer. And once you've got your shoes on, they look like nice tidy grey ankle socks. But you know, because you are on the inside, that you are wearing snuggly waterproof socks. Light neoprene inside, a merino/coolmax blend outside.

Calf Socks.jpg

The Calf Sock

$55 +GST + P&P

What a beauty! The electric blue calf sock is ideal in the gumboots. Farmers, hunters, tradies in boots all day, give them a try. We’re sure you’ll love them.

Knee Socks_edited.jpg

The Knee sock-ski sock

$60 +GST

We had to have a sock in the very traditional NZ colours. Long, below the knee socks, ideal for skiing or any place you want to be really cosy.

We suggest these are not for swimming in - of course if you wade through a river and water comes in over the top, you will get damp. But if you scamper through the creek, no problem. And if you're walking all day (tramping or hunting), these might get damp from the creek but you will dry out from the inside.

Washing? Well - don't do it too often, these can easily last a week tramping without getting stinky. When you do wash, use a warm and gentle cycle in the machine, and peg them up inside out, by the very toes. If you peg up by the cuff, the water will just sit inside the inner layer.

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