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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an experienced rower to enjoy Coastal Rowing?

If you want to learn to row, this is a wonderful way to do it. Start on calm, sheltered water and work your way up to more challenging conditons. While Coastal rowing boats can cope with swell and waves, they are also good to row on flat water. Their safety and stability makes them a great choice. Lots of Swift owners in NZ have come from a non-rowing background, and are enjoying their new water-sport adventure. Just call and talk to us, we love to share the joy of Coastal Rowing.

Can I see or demo a boat?

The quickest way to answer this is 'Call us!" 021 435 722. We have boats available in Nelson and Cambridge for viewing, and bring boats to regattas wherever possible. We can put you in touch with Swift Coastal Rowers around NZ.

Which boats are currently available?

We keep a full range of coastal boats in stock in Nelson - singles, doubles, and coxed quads - phone us to check on colour choice. We have Coastal singles in stock in Cambridge.

How heavy are these boats? How will I manage them?

Coastals are built strong to cope with coastal conditions. That makes them a bit unwieldy on land, but nimble and responsive on water. The trick is thinking ahead about how best to get them to and from the water. Wheels are definitely your friend! Swift Coastals are built to World Rowing standard weights - singles are 35kg, doubles are 60kg, and the Coxed quads around 140kg. Talk to us about how to manage these boats at home, in your boat shed, and on your vehicle.

We have two sizes of trollies - a small one for singles and doubles (which clicks together for easy transport), and a big one for the quads. Singles can also be managed with kayak wheels under the stern. With the quad on the  trolley, one person can move it safely - roll it down to the water, float it off, float it back on, and hose it down while still on the trolley. It can live on there. Easy. 

Can you deliver my boat?

Talk to us! We try to deliver every boat, though sometimes we work in with rowing trailers going to regattas. Bringing a new owner their Swift Coastal Rowing boat is one of our very favourite things to do...

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