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Rowing Tours in Abel Tasman National Park

We're happy to partner with Wilsons' Abel Tasman to provide small group rowing tours in the Abel Tasman National Park, near Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. Clear waters, golden sands, native bush, birdsong, seals and seabirds. And comfortable beach front lodges, fabulous meals, shared lounge spaces, double or twin rooms with ensuites. Hosted by Sally Knight, and with one of Wilsons' experienced sea kayak guides on each trip, we get the benefit of local knowledge - an endless supply of stories about the history, wildlife, plants and conservation efforts in the beautiful National Park, with full logistical support from Wilsons'. This is absolutely the way to tour. 

If you are a rower, then exploring the Abel Tasman should be on your bucket list. We can offer tours of either 2 or 4 nights.

I take small group tours into the National Park a few times each year. My favourite times are Autumn and early winter (April - June), when the weather and water are usually calm, and the Park is relatively quiet, with less boat traffic.

2023 dates are April 12 - 16 (school holidays) and May 3-7.

Get in touch to explore the options...

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Deserted beaches

The Abel Tasman has many golden sand beaches and crystal clear water. In our preferred rowing seasons, these beaches are often very quiet - ours might be the only footsteps on the sand.

Rocky outcrops and wildlife

There are several small islands in the National Park, and some nice rocky outcrops and reefs. We often see seals lounging around on the rocks.

Adele Island (2).jpg
Awaroa Inlet.jpg

Spectacular views

Everywhere you look, the scenery is gorgeous. I took this photo from Meadowbank Homestead at Awaroa, one of our accommodation spots, and it was just as peaceful as it looks. The large estuary is tidal - the view changes by the hour. It's surprisingly lovely to just sit and watch the tide come in or out.

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