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Swift Coastal Boats

Making fast affordable

Swift Coastal Rowing boats - singles, doubles, and coxed quads/fours are rowed and raced all over the world. All sizes of Swift Coastal boats are available for sale in NZ now.
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All these coastal boats meet World Rowing specifications, they have safety features designed in, and can be ordered with deck colour of white, blue, yellow or red. All have a white hull.


Swift Coastal Single, CO1X

Built to World Rowing standards with safety features designed in from the get-go, this is a great boat for solo training or adventures. 35kg, 6m long, easy enough to transport on roof racks. Even better, let it live on a trolley (under cover) and wheel it down to your favourite water. Deck colours of white, red, blue and yellow, quick release rigger option available.

From NZ $6300 +GST

Link below to visit Swift Racing International for the specs, then come back to us to discuss Swift boats in New Zealand

Swift Coastal Double, CO2X

Like all the Swift Coastals, the double is available in four deck colours - white, yellow, blue and red. All boats have a white hull. The double can be carried on the roof of your vehicle, we highly recommend a third point of contact using a T-bar extension from the tow-ball. Storage space in the bow-hatch for gear storage, this is a great boat for two-person adventures, and for teaching other rowers. 7.5m long, 60kg weight, the riggers fold in for easy storage.

From NZ $12 500 +GST

Link below to Swift International Specs, for NZ enquiries come back to us, the NZ Distributors for Swift Rowing.

CO2X bow (2)_edited.jpg
Picton Mixed Quad.jpg

Swift Coastal Coxed Quad/Four

These big boats are fabulous - 10.7m long, 1.3m wide at the mid-point, about 140kg, stable, sturdy and robust. They are quick and responsive on water, steering is great fun, and give Club crews a real boost of adventure and camaraderie. Great for learning to row, and ideal for excursions, tours and adventures. Sweep riggers are available as an option.

From NZ$22 000 + GST, this might be the most popular boat in your shed.

Swift Coastal Sculling Oars

Built strong and flexible to cope with the variety of conditions you might encountner in Coastal rowing. Plastic capping on the leading edge to protect them from sand and gravel etc. Oar covers are also available.

NZ $750 +GST per pair

Swift Caps_edited.jpg

Rowing Accessories

We have a range of rowing accessories and extras. From Swift Racing caps and waterproof socks, to boat covers, tool bags, bungees, and trolleys to make it easy to manage your Swift Coastal Rowing boat.
Contact Sally for more info.

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